Stick to your New Years; Resolution with a Total Body Transformation at Nola Cryo

Stick to your New Years; Resolution with a Total Body Transformation at Nola Cryo

Milena Perkins

Milena Perkins

Owner, Nola Cryo ​

Every year, millions make New Year’s resolutions. Here are the top five new resolutions for 2020 regarding health and how Nola Cryo can help you achieve them: 

  1. Exercise More 

According to a survey by RiverMend Health, 79 percent of Americans report feeling unhappy with how their body looks. Most of the respondents (55%) would be willing to take action in order to attain their perfect/ideal body by exercising several times per week.

Cryotherapy can help you feel better faster. 

Exercise has a natural inflammatory response and is a good indication that your body’s tissues are repairing and growing. Doing cryotherapy one hour post-exercise is an excellent way to boost recovery and getting you back in the gym.


  1. Taking Better Care of Your Body 

By focusing on your health today, you may save money in the long run because you will avoid the high costs often associated with chronic health issues. Plus, when you take care of yourself, it’s that much easier to take care of your family and friends around you. 

Our bodies are exposed to toxins daily in our food, drink and environment. Start 2020 off right by eating more plant based foods and cutting back on alcohol. Cutting back on alcohol, even just for a few days has lots of benefits for your heart health and—added bonus—your waistline.

Cryotherapy detoxifies  

By flushing out the bloodstream of toxins, the blood moves body waste materials from the kidneys and flushes the carbon dioxide out of the body as well. Furthermore, cryotherapy helps remove cortisol, known as “the stress hormone” because when it is allowed to build up, it impedes the immune system from functioning properly.


  1. Weight loss

At the start of each New Year, if you are like millions of Americans you resolve to lose weight. However, by tomorrow, or next week, or maybe next month, like most, you will have given up trying. What if cryotherapy could help you achieve this goal? 

Cryotherapy helps freeze off fat. 

Our bodies naturally have evolved to become more adaptable to the harshness of the elements; one of which is cold temperatures. Through cryotherapy, our body starts to recruit more brown fat (good fat) in an effort to keep us warm. The creation of that heat requires a considerable amount of energy. To fulfill this energy requirement, the body calls on the body’s excess fat stores as fuel. Although three minutes in a cryo chamber won’t replace your gym session or a healthy diet, it will help to support and enhance the benefits of your workouts and healthy lifestyle.

  1. Age Gracefully 

Oxidative stress is a big contributor to ageing less gracefully. Oxidative stress refers to an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in the body. When the free radicals can’t be kept in balance by antioxidants, they start damaging fatty tissue, DNA and proteins. Over time this can lead to a vast number of diseases and propel the ageing process. 

Cryotherapy gives you the edge on fighting free radicals. 

Cryotherapy focuses a lot on the bloodstream. As we send the body into a fight or flight state, we are actively hyper-oxygenating the blood by sending all of the blood from the extremities to the core. The blood goes back out into the body and brain which helps reduce oxidative stress as the body is works hard to revitalize its blood with essential vitamins and nutrients. 

  1. Putting your best face forward

Most people have at least one bad skin care habit. Why not resolve to kick yours in 2020. The start of a new year is a good time to update your skin care regimen? Take some time to examine your skin to see how it has changed. 

Cryofacials rock!

Cryofacials stimulate collagen production through the increase in microcirculation. This then helps to detox and rejuvenate the skin.

Furthering the treatment’s anti-aging benefits, cryofacials can restore firmness to the skin and will even cause the skin to feel tighter right after the treatment. While rejuvenating the skin, cryofacials help to restore radiance, soothe inflammation and improve your skin texture and tone. In addition, cryofacials can help those who suffer from more severe skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis due to its anti-inflammatory properties.