Did you know Cryotherapy delays aging?

Four Ways That Cryotherapy Delays Aging

Did you know that Cryotherapy Delays Aging?

Milena Perkins

Milena Perkins

Owner, Nola Cryo ​

Did You Know Cryotherapy Delays Aging?

You may already know about the benefits of cryotherapy when it comes to health and fitness. But did you know that cryotherapy is also an anti-aging treatment?

Cryotherapy has a rejuvenating impact it has on loose and mature skin.

The effects on your skin basically are immediate. First you will notice your skin has a healthy glow and your improved circulation. After a few sessions, because of the boost in collagen, you will see the lasting effects in the smoothing of the skin tone and reducing wrinkles. 

Here are the following are four ways that cryotherapy can benefit your aging skin and delay the appearance of the fine lines, crow’s feet, frown lines, forehead furrows, and deepening nasolabial folds.

  1. Cryotherapy treatment increases collagen production. Collagen gets depleted as people age and restoring it is the key to youthful skin;  
  2. Regular cryotherapy sessions detoxify the skin and replenish it with natural skin nutrients and minerals; 
  3. Cellular regeneration is when dead cells are replaced with new ones. Cryotherapy supports cellular regeneration and delays the formation, or deepening of, wrinkles; and 
  4. Cryotherapy helps reduce fat deposits in the facial area, tightening your sagging cheeks, neck, and chin.nola 
Here is how cryotherapy works:


Liquid nitrogen gas is used to lower the temperature of the steam in the cryochambers. The skin immediately reacts to this  sudden drop in temperature, sending strong messages to the brain.

Once you leave the cryochamber your blood surges throughout the body increasing the oxygen supply to all your organs, muscles and skin, as well as a rush of feel good endorphins. The mood-enhancing effects of a cryotherapy session have been known to last for days.

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