Frequently asked questions

Although it might sound very cold, it’s not painful. In fact, it’s a very tolerable experience since it’s a completely dry treatment. You will not feel the cold pain as if you were in an ice bath. Safety is a top priority. A trained and certified technician will remain with you during the entire session. 

It largely depends on your conditions, your goals, and lifestyle. Call us to discuss how cryotherapy can be used for performance-enhancing, pain management, metabolism boosts, and skin benefits. We can tailor a schedule to meet your needs and your goals.

You can expect your first visit to last around 12-15 minutes. Every visit thereafter will be around 5 minutes.

At Nola Cryo, our priority is your safety, comfort, and health. Our expertly trained cryo technicians will always maintain visual and verbal contact with you while you’re inside the Cryospa. Our cryotherapy treatments never go beyond 3 minutes. All Cryospas at Nola Cyro are equipped with oxygen sensors. Should you have any specific health or safety concerns, we can create a customized safety protocol to address your needs.

No. The immediate cold impact of the cryotherapy will raise the internal body temperature for a short period of time. The frequent stimulation of the immune system can help prevent recurring colds and severity of the future colds.

Yes, you may. The door is never locked and you may open the door at any time with minimal exertion. The chamber is open at the top and your head is raised above the level of the chamber allowing you to see and communicate with the cryotherapy technician at all times. The head and neck are open during the entire session so the patient is never fully covered at any point. Also, the chamber door is closed but never locked allowing you to step out any time. Our cabin uses a magnetic door closure mechanism that guarantees easy exit in any situation.

Individuals with the following conditions should consult with their doctor and determine if cryotherapy is contraindicated:
• untreated hypertension (above 160 systolic)
• peripheral arterial occlusive disease
• heart attack within last 6 months
• valvular heart disease
• unstable angina pectoris
• ischemic heart disease
• prior heart surgery
• pacemaker
• stint
• edema
• COPD, emphysema or bronchitis
• chronic liver disease
• individuals NOT cleared for moderate exercise by a physician should consult with a medical doctor prior to utilizing cryotherapy treatment
Circulatory and Skin Conditions:
• DVT- Deep vain thrombosis
• Raynaud’s disease
• bacterial or viral infections of the skin
• vasculitis
Blood Disorders:
• Severe Anemia
Nervous System, Kidney and Liver:
• diabetes
• acute kidney or urinary tract diseases
• seizure disorders
• hyperhidrosis
• polyneuropathy
General Health Conditions:
• Flu
• Respiratory issues
• cold allergenic phenomenon
• alcohol or drug related contraindications
• pregnancy
• open wounds

It is possible to start feeling the benefits of cryotherapy immediately after your first treatment. The surge of endorphins, the body’s natural mood enhancer, give you a lift that will last for about 6 hours. You will feel immediate pain relief from joint and muscle pain, which is one of the most popular benefits of cryotherapy procedure as well as an increase in energy that can last from hours to days. Long term health benefits include weight loss, improved skin elasticity and a reduction in cellulite. These benefits usually take longer to see and will require a course of treatments for optimal results.

Whole body cryotherapy is an all-round course of treatment that can benefit everyone.

Whole body cryotherapy is ideal for athletes seeking muscle recovery, people with chronic pain and inflammatory conditions, and those seeking weight loss and skin rejuvenation. Cryotherapy is used post-surgery to accelerate healing and reduce pain without the side effects of pain medications. Younger clients, ages 14 to 18, can use whole body cryotherapy with a parent’s consent.


Yes, an advantage of cryotherapy over ice therapy is that tissues and muscle are not frozen. Ten minutes of light exercise post cryotherapy will induce more rapid vasodilation of the blood vessels and capillaries, and extend the period of not being in pain.


Whole Body Cryotherapy stimulates the body to release endorphins, the hormones that make us feel alert and energetic. The positive effects from each session typically last for six to eight hours. Many clients report improvements in their sleep quality after cryotherapy.