Alleviate Sore Muscles with NormaTec Compression Therapy

Like CryoTherapy, NormaTec Compression helps combat sore muscles, enhances blood flow, and reduces stress.

The NormaTec Compression sleeves are the perfect ending to an intense workout. Schedule with NOLA Cryo today to see how Compression Therapy will help you.

The NormaTec Compression Therapy Sleeves Have Many Benefits

The benefits of Compression Therapy include:

  • Increased rate of healing through enhanced blood flow
  • Releasing the tension that’s found in muscles after exercise
  • An increased range of motion
  • The promotion of relaxation

What Does a Compression Therapy Session Look Like?

The NormaTec Compression Sleeves can be placed on either the legs or arms. They use a PULSE technology to simulate a massage, lasting about 20-30 minutes. While the sleeves are massaging your muscles, they will keep pressure on the other parts of the arms or legs to further promote tension relief.

Effective Therapy For Sore Muscles and Circulation 

This type of therapy has been around for decades and is used by athletes all the time to keep them performing at their max. If you want to get the most out of your workouts or just need some much-needed relaxation and muscle tension relief, it’s time to schedule with NOLA Cryo.